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Mother Nature

made us do it.

DakMatter is so much more than first meet the eye. Here we share the knowledge that was handed down to our mothers and will be given to our children. Respect for all lives on earth. Heal instead of harm. 

We hope that you will experience the difference. 

We fight for your rights.

Did you know that scientifically proven, the most harmful toxic and cancerous substances are found in products that are targeted towards women and children with curly hair and dark skin?

Today it ends. You're with us now.

Did you know that we only use organic/wild harvested unrefined oils and butter that have the right molecule structure to truly benefit curly hair and dark skin? Try it. You'll feel the difference.

Taking curls to the centre of           

Did you also

know that 

Our recipes are based on years of research on ancient African and Brazilian folklore hair traditions and Swedish science and innovation? 

(green) science

We don't do shampoo

– we do what's good for you.

If you ask us shampoo is simply the worst product you can use on your hair.

Conventional shampoos contain harsh surfactants that will strip your hair from its natural lubricant -sebum. That will create all kinds of scalp and hair problems.

DakMatter does the opposite – when washing it adds moisture and strength to your natural protective barrier. This will give your scalp the balance needed to heal itself. 

When transfer to DakMatter hair regiment you are breaking the vicious cycle that's great for shampoo companies, but awful for you, your hair and scalp.


The result will be a natural independent healthy and strong hair and a happier you!

Pricey? No, premium.

At first glance €40-60 for a hair wash seems expensive. But it really isn't.

With DakMatter you will wash 50-80% less than with a conventional shampoo.


You also might have seen shampoo texts saying i.e. "Argan Oil Shampoo". Even if the product contains less than 0.3% argan oil...

Our products contain rare unrefined (vitamines and goodies still there) potent oils from 5 to 100% depending on the product.


We want you to choose us for high performance, transparent quality and proven results. Not for quantity. 

Can you really afford any more cheap products?

Our 4 item "first aid kit" has everything

u need

to start your new healthy hair regiment. 

1. Detox: will kickstart your new regiment by freeing your hair from residues of years of shampoo use. 


2. Wash Balm: will mildly clean without washing away your natural protective barrier.

3. Intense Mask: will penetrate your locks with potent and moisture-binding oils. 

4. PH-Balancer: will keep your scalp in mint condition for your hair to start a healthy growt. 

Detox Wash

DakMatter Detox Residue Remover

Type 4B-C Hair 100 ml

149 kr


DakMatter Scalp Balance

50 ml

299 kr

Wash Balm

DakMatter Wash Balm

Type 4B-C Hair 250 ml

399 kr

Intense Mask

DakMatter Intense Murumuru Mask Type 4B-C Hair 250 ml

499 kr



In 2020 we will add more hair type products, potent

oils & butter 

Make our journey - your journey!