’’Curlfriend, you no longer need to

          risk your life in order to

          look amazing’’. 

Our first calling is truly to teach and raise awareness. This so you can make safe and healthy choices for yourself and your children.

Our second goal is to make all the organic products that you need - highly functional, healing and so DAK-ilicious you never go back.


A third thing is that the dirty ways of the "clean business of cosmetics"  need to be addressed and no more lives of any colour should be wasted in the name of beauty.

We will stop the harm - we are here to heal. Because, DakMatter to us. By us.

Alexa & Hawa

Founders, Curlnerds and Activists.

            ’’It was so outrageous

it became an obsession’’

Since 2004 we run a small green and curly styling salon, African Magic in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. We worked with The Nobel Prize, Polar Prize, Lady Gaga and the Bob Marley Family among others.

For more than 7 years we searched the planet for good and healthy premium products for curly hair. We didn’t find the products. But we found the awful truth:

Scientifically proven, the most harmful substances contain products that are targeted towards women and children with curly hair and dark skin*.

"When it comes to the personal care industry in the United States, the bar for human and environmental safety is alarmingly low. In the U.S., only 11 chemicals are restricted from use in cosmetics. In the EU, approximately 1,300 chemicals are banned". 


Hillary Peterson, founder of True Botanicals.

Chemicals commonly used in US black hair care are linked to

  • asthma 

  • early menstruation

  • fertility issues

  • obesity

  • uterine fibroids

  • premature birth rates

  • breast cancer

  • endometrial cancer

We also saw a correlation between the use of conventional US hair products and the 85% of our curly clients that experienced one or more of the following problems:




Hair loss

Inability to hold moisture





Cracks Soars in the scalp,

Dona Dijé

Babassu farmer & Activist.

Our findings were so outrageous it became an obsession to us.


We started interviewing old women from Brazilian and African folklore communities. We learned about ancient hair care recipes with extremely potent natural herbs, oils and butter.  


We started to blend.

With the help of modern bioscience and innovation, we turned thousands of years of anecdotal evidence into contemporary, potent, curly hair care.

Today less than 35% of our customers show any signs of the above problems.​


We hope we can help you too.

Welcome to DakMatter and African Magic Salon!