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We give away an organic sanitizing hand gel with aloe vera and tea tree oil (110:-) if you buy for more than 500KR. Preemptible inventory. Take care of each other!


Mother Nature

made us do it.

WE are something new.

Our natural eco products are based on ancient African and Brazilian folklore recipes contemporized with modern organic bioscience and innovation.

You will know the difference.



We give away an organic sanitizing hand gel with aloe vera and tea tree oil (110:-) if you buy for more than 500SKR. Preemptible inventory.

Stay safe!


Detox Wash

DakMatter Detox Residue Remover

Type 4B-C Hair 100 ml

149 kr

Wash Balm

DakMatter Wash Balm

Type 4B-C Hair 250 ml

399 kr

Intense Mask

DakMatter Intense Murumuru Mask Type 4B-C Hair 250 ml

499 kr

By 3 products from the first aid kit – get 15% discount + free gift

  • Healing

  • Balance

  • Moisture

  • Re-growth

  • Protection 

With us – a gel is never

just a gel.

All our products are multifunctional. 


Flaxseed & Hemp Curl Definition Lotion 

is based on a 1000 year old Ethiopian recipe. It gives excellent frizz control that defines soft resilient curls without weighing down your hair.

Flaxseed & Hemp Curl Definition Lotion is packed with zinc, magnesium, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9, which stimulate hair growth and shine.



Better Bollix Dreads Wash

with kinkeliba and lime leaves cleans gently and causes the hairs to tangle. Your dreads will keep tied, fresh and sturdy for much longer.  Recommendation: After wash moisture and balance pH with a wonderfully scented DakMatter Dreads Aroma Tonic.


DAK MATTER DREADS AROMA TONICS with healing oils and function, comes in five wonderfully fresh scents WOOD, CITRUS, APRICOT, BIRCH, and SEA & SKY. The tonic contains soothing aloe vera and sodium lactate – a natural antibacterial substance that very efficiently binds moisture to the scalp. 

We fight for your rights.

Scientifically proven, the most toxic and cancerous substances are found in products that are targeted towards women and children with curly hair and dark skin.

Today it ends. You're with us now.

We heal

instead ofharm.

*Dryness*Seborrheas*Dullness *Itchiness*Hairloss *Eczema 

*Dandruff and scurf *Cracks   and soars in scalp

*Incapacity to hold moisture