We don't do shampoo. We do what's good for you.

In EU 1300 chemicals are banned from use in cosmetics.

In the US. it's 11. 

Stop your chemical dependency now

and get naked with us!

Just as we did more than 85% of our curly salon clients experienced one or more of the following problems:

 Dryness - Dullness - Eczema - Cracks - Soars in scalp - Itchiness - Dandruff - Scurf - Seborrheas - Hair loss - Unable to hold moisture.

It’s for them and for us that we made our products.

Today less than 35%. of our clients have any of these problems.

To us. By us.


If you’re not a veteran No’Pooer and already know the drill, the best way to start your new hair regime is with DarkMatter Detox Residue Remover. This product’s sole purpose is to get you naked. It removes build-up’s caused by years of regular shampoo use, conditioners, styling products and environmental factors. This mild non-stripping, sulfate-free formulation also defuses mineral deposits from hard water and chlorine. This will get you back to square one so the rest of the DakMatter products can do their job at maximum pace and efficiency., 


HOW TO: Massage the DarkMatter Detox Residue Remover into the scalp carefully to dissolve the dirt. Make sure to massage the scalp, "between" the hairs. It should take about 2 minutes to do the entire scalp. Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat.


Now you’ll feel the true condition of your hair. Take a moment.

You might wanna cry. You’re naked. You’re free.


Time for our hero to enter the stage. The DakMatter Wash Balm (make sure to check what hair type you are and choose accordingly). The DakMatter Wash Balm is as close to shampoo you will ever get hanging out with us;).


It's more of a conditioner with mild cleansing and strong moisturising properties than it is a shampoo.


HOW TO: Add the DakMatter Wash Balm to your hair. Massage "between" the hairs. It won’t really lather. Remember, rubbing on the hairs wears them. Keep in mind that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair!


Comb through. Yes, comb, brush, whatever, unbelievable isn't it? Rinse. 


Remember: never use DakMatter Wash Balm as a leave-in product. We know. It feels like a conditioner but it isn’t.


To top it all off you can give your hair a real boost by applying our DakMatter Intense Murumuru Mask (make sure to check what hair type you are and choose mask accordingly).


DakMatter Intense Murumuru Mask is based on Brazilian folklore recipes and includes the absolute most hydrating and softening ingredients for curly hair that nature can provide.


We are super proud of this product. We put so much time, effort and love, in getting the right balance between natural fats and organic modern moist enhancers. We hope you'll be loving it too!

HOW TO: Add the Mask on to your wet hair. Comb. Wait for 10 minutes. You can also put on a plastic cap and a towel under a not too hot dryer. Or leave in overnight, Rinse in lukewarm water. If your hair is nappy -and needs extra protection,  rinse in cold water instead. 


Yayyye!  You got a new hair regiment!


If you are just transitioning off of shampoo, realize that your hair follicles struggle to overproduce oils after each stripping of store-bought shampoo.  Your scalp will need to “re-learn” to produce the right amount of sebum.


It might take a few weeks to a couple of months for your hair to get fully acclimatised.

Don’t give up. Keep your care natural. Use oil , butters and organic moisturisers. Remember - something pretty fantastic is coming your way.

Feel free to repeat step 2-3 whenever you like. But please - not too often. The more seldom you wash the faster your hair and scalp will start healing and learn how to self condition again.


Don't forget to check out our updates on the worlds most potent oils and butters for curly hair, and our other organic LOC styling products. 

Enjoy your curls, enjoy your style enjoy your freedom!

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