To transition from conventional hair care can be hard. The products act differently. Your scalp too.

Don't worry – we are here to guide you every step of the way!

Starting your natural journey.

If you are just transitioning off of conventional shampoos, and non-organic hair products, you must realize that your scalp will need to “re-learn” to produce the right amount of sebum - natural scalp/hair conditioner.


It might take a few weeks to a couple of months for your hair to get fully acclimatised. Don’t give up! 


Remember - something pretty fantastic is coming your way. The more seldom you wash the faster your hair and scalp will start healing and learn how to self-condition again.


Keep your care natural. It might not foam, spread and slip the way you're used too. But soon you wouldn't have it any other way.


You'll find products here. Enjoy your curls, enjoy your style enjoy your freedom!


If you’re not a veteran No’Pooer and already know the drill, the best way to start your new hair regime is with a Clarifying/Detox Wash.

This product’s sole purpose is to get you naked. It removes residues, metal, plastic – build-up’s caused by years of conventional shampoo use, styling products and environmental factors. This mild non-stripping, sulfate-free formulation also defuses mineral deposits from hard water and chlorine. This will get you back to square one so the rest of the DakMatter products can do their job at maximum pace and efficiency.


HOW TO: Massage the Clarifying/Detox Wash into the scalp carefully to dissolve the dirt. Make sure to massage the scalp, "between" the hairs. It should take about 2 minutes to do the entire scalp. Dreads: Leave to soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary.


Now you’ll feel the true condition of your hair. Take a moment. You might wanna cry. You’re naked. You’re free.



A hair mask is an intense conditioner that aims to deep penetrate hair strands, seal moisture and condition scalp. It can contain water but can also be completely oil-based. Here you will find both.

DakMatter Hair Masks are based on Brazilian and African folklore recipes and include the absolute most hydrating and emollient ingredients for curly hair that nature can provide.

Our products are also made to work as perfect components in your LOC/LCO treatment, were these hair masks can be used as both "C" or "O" depending on your hair type and liking. Make sure to check your hair type and choose balm accordingly. 


HOW TO: Thick formulation. A little goes a long way. Dilute in plenty of water. before adding the Mask on to wet hair. Comb through. Wait for 20 minutes or leave in overnight, Rinse in lukewarm water. If your hair is nappy and needs extra protection, rinse in cold water instead. If possible – air dry for best bouncy curl results.

The DakMatter Wash Balms are oil conditioners with very mild, but efficient cleansing agents and strong moisturising and hydrating properties, made especially for those dry and fragile kinks and coils. Make sure to check your hair type and choose balm accordingly. 

The formulas are thick and low in foam. A little goes a long way, so be sure to add a lot of water to increase spreadability.


HOW TO: Soak hair. Add the DakMatter Wash Balm to your palms and spread even on your hair. Add warm water and massage "between" the hairs. It won’t really lather. Rinse.

Remember, rubbing the hair strands wears them. Keep in mind that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair!

NOTE! Don't use Wash Balms as a leave-in product. We know. It feels like a conditioner but it's not.



Our detox washes works perfectly well for dreadlocks. They are mild hydrating pH-balanced formulas aimed to clear out residues and build-ups but without drying your scalp like many conventional soap-based dreads shampoos do.

The Better Bollix Wash gives your hair a mild cleanse while tangling every hair strand in your dread.

Dread the bomb is a pH- balanced mild bath bomb-shaped deep cleanser with nourishing oils and scale hydrating agents. Is to be used every 2-3 month to reduce residue and built-up

HOW TO: Soak your dreads for 5 minutes. Massage the Wash into hair.  Then scrub every dread from top to tip. using i.e. a small toothbrush. Leave to soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Finish off with a one time wash of Better Bollix to tighten the knots.


Our 100% natural, cold-pressed oils and butter are un-processed and therefore filled with nutritions and vitamins, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Our oils clean, soften, nourish and protect. They have been chosen for their chemical structure, fat acid properties, and nutrition value, scientifically proven to be beneficial to dark skin and curly hair.


HOW TO: Oils and butter has different properties. Overall, the majority can be applied directly on the skin and scalp. The amount depends on your needs. Follow the instructions on the label. As they are unprocessed, a little often goes a long way to benefit from their potency.


  • Dreads of all sizes lengths and colours

  • Dreads reparations

  • Dreads touch-up

  • Dreads consultations

  • Dreads full head detangle (no need to cut it all off)

  • Sewing dreads back on

With 15-years of experience of dreads without wax, our dreadlock experts at African Magic Salon, Stockholm would love to help you!


What a treat!

Please take me there!

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