Oils & Butter

Our 100% natural, cold-pressed oils and butter are un-processed and therefore filled with nutritions and vitamins, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They have been chosen by us for their chemical structure, fat acid properties, and nutrition value, scientifically proven to be beneficial to dark skin and curly hair.

Our oils clean, soften, nourish and protect. And just like when everything else in life fits – you will know the difference. 

Butter & blends are sold by weight.


We offer our butter just how they come – cold-pressed, right from the source – or choose our body & hair butter blends: lovely nutritious, moisturizing chunks of mixed butter and oils with different benefits and scents from herbs, plants, and resins. 

We started making our own organic oils, butter and hair products, after finding out that more than 85% of our salon customers suffered from one or more of these conditions:

Dryness* Cracks* Soars in scalp* Seborrheas* Eczema* Dullness* Itchiness* Dandruff* Scurf* Hairloss*

Today less than 35% of our customers show any signs of the conditions above. We hope we can be able to help you too.

No. We don't do coco. But we do matchmaking.

Coconut oil is one of the most common oils used in hair and skin products, targeted towards people with curly hair and dark skin.


The reason for this seems to be that it’s a pretty cheap oil to produce, more than being the perfect oil for Curlfriends, so you won't find it here.

If you do miss your Cocofriend, we suggest that you make some new acquaintances: meet Cocos cousin Babassu. Same family but more fun, wild, intense, and protective. 

The same goes for Argan oil – try Marula instead: similar but with a 60% higher antioxidant value. 


Let us guide you when you choose from more than 20 oils in our shop. We really hope you'll find your new BFF. XOXOXO!

PS. We do use coconut extractions in our products as green science alternatives to i.e. artificial surfactants, silicones, and others. 

What oils & butter

may do for you.






anti-hair loss




resist hair loss

promote re-growth

promote silky and shiny hair

heal dry, itchy and flaky scalp

resist transepidermal water loss

reduce fine lines 

natural UV-protection

natural substitute for silicone

natural substitute for lanoline

natural source of omega 3,6,9

natural source of vitamin i.e. A, C, D, E, F

neutralize and unclog pores

strengthen the natural lipid barrier

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