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DarkMatter Detox Residue Remover pH 4.8 +/- 0.2 is a mild detox washing gel that will help you start and maintain your new organic hair regime. It effectively removes the bad stuff: shampoo and conditioner heavy build-ups and residue from styling products like metal, mineral oils, micro plastics, and silicones that comes from years of using conventional hair products.


Massage gently ”between” hair stands, leave for 5 minutes rinse. First time? Do this twice. Put it back on the shelf. Save it. You never know when you might relapse on conventional products again…


Our Detox Residue Remover is step no 1 in your step-by-step new hair regime. Find the user’s Guide here. Say forever bye bye to the sinister world of shampoo and start treating yourself, your scalp, and your curls the way it’s meant to be. Want to learn more?

DakMatter Detox Residue Remover pH 4.8 +/- 0.2, 100 ml

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  • Color might vary from batch to batch as this is a natural product that may contain potent, unprocessed and unrefined bio materials.