DREADS & BRAIDS DRY OIL  is a fresh blend of penetrating and conditioning dry oils that can be used on braids and dreads without leaving an oily trace, residues, and build-ups. Papaya oil moisture the scalp without clogging pores. Macadamia is a light oil filled with minerals that are easily absorbed into scalp and hair. It also adds a beautiful shine to dull and lifeless hair. 

How to use: Spray a small amount on the scalp. Carefully spread with your fingers.

Store in a dark and cool place. 

*Allergen: May contain traces of nuts and citrus oils. 
**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you’re concerned about a potential reaction, before using, please do a patch test: On your inner forearm, apply three or four drops. Wait 24 hours. If there’s no sign of hives, redness, or irritation, you’re in the clear.



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  • Color, scent, texture, and viscosity might vary from batch to batch as this is a product that contains natural potent, unprocessed, and unrefined biomaterials. 

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