This is where we will keep you up to date with our bilateral science projects with the ultimate goal to:

1. Enhance our products for curls and dark skin with the help of green science.

2. Continue our quest for a net-zero carbon footprint, through our whole business chain, i.e. create packaging out of our own biomaterial waste.

December 2 2019:

Together with our bilateral science team, we got awarded $400.000 to research the use of biowaste as potent enhancers in organic hair and skincare.


We are suuuuper happy that our international research continues! 


Thanks to both countries National Beuros of Innovation!




We're also totally nerding on circular economy, as we believe it's the only way to go. Therefore. we want you to know more about Agenda 2030.


Yes. It has everything to do with hair.. ;)

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