Not just words.

To reduce climate change we created an innovative circular business plan aiming to make the entire manufacturing chain CO2 neutral. We do this through climate-smart choices, compensation, and by skipping recycling (!) Yes. it’s true – instead of recycling, we look at replacing plastic and metal, with renewable and fully degradable alternatives –from our own biowaste material.  To make this come true, and at the same time researching new potent bio-additives for dark skin and curls, we are participating in a bilateral science project funded by the Governmental Beuros of Innovation of Brazil and Sweden.

A plan to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We aim to be a part of the future, by participating in abolishing extreme poverty, empowering women, diminishing inequalities, and take an active part in reducing climate change.

We put together ancient African and Brazilian hair and skin traditions with modern  Swedish science and innovation.

Our products are based on organic and wild-harvested butter, oils and herbs from West Africa and the Amazonas. Our main business relies on the work of female collectives and indigenous people organisations. This means that our stride for better hair keeps people out of poverty and the rainforest from deforestation. We are ”No Poo” and ”Natural Movement” believers.  

We are creating a range of fresh totally unique innovative organic and highly functional hair products scientifically developed for modern people of all ethnic backgrounds with waves, curls, coils and kinks.

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